BAD BOY. (27th May)

Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?
  • Deborah was angry.
  • Her son obeyed her.
  • He is 18 years old.
  • He shouted at Deborah.
  • He does nothing at home
  • He told her...
    • he didn't have to listen to her.
    • he has to study.
    • he can do anything he wanted to do.
  • Deborah is single.
  • His father lives nearby.

A PLACE TO EAT. (20th May)

Answer these questions.
  • Where was Jenna?
  • What was she waiting for?
  • What time was it?
  • How long did she have to wait for?
  • Which floor was the restaurant where she went first?
  • What didn't she want to do?
  • Was there another restaurant in the airport?
  • Was the restaurant full too?

QUESTIONS. (13th May)

Choose the correct answers.
  • He eats breakfast...
    • in the morning / in the evening / at night.
  • He eats...
    • jam and eggs / honey and eggs / ham and eggs.
  •  He eats his breakfast...
    • in a restaurant / in a coffee shop / in his house.
  • His _____ makes breakfast for Ronald.
    • mother / wife / aunt.
  • He eats breakfast because...
    • food is necessary / food gives him energy / he likes it.
  • After eating...
    • he brushes his teeth / he washes his hands / he brushes his hair.
  • Later...
    •  he goes to buy to the market / he goes to walk / he goes to work.
  • Which bus does he take?
    • he goes on foot / an special bus / the city bus


Answer these questions.
  1. What didn't Susan like?
  2. Why didn't she like it?
  3. Did she think she looked older?
  4. Where did she go to?
  5. Who coloured Susan's hair?
  6. Did Susan like her new look?
  7. What colour is her hair now?
  8. What did Susan hope?

TRY TO SLEEP. (22nd April)

Are these sentences true (T), false (F) or Doesn't say (DS)?
  1. It was twelve o'clock.
  2. She watched TV until 11 o'clock.
  3. She lay in bed.
  4. She turned out the light because she couldn't sleep.
  5. She went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water.
  6. She started to read a book.
  7. It wasn't a good book.
  8. She read a lot of pages.
  9. She finally went straight to sleep.
  10. Next day she didn't went to work.

FAY. (16th April)

Choose the correct answers
  1. Where did Fay go into?
    • She went into the kitchen.
    • She went into the bathroom.
    • She went into the living room.
  2.  What did she turn on?
    • The cold water.
    • The hot water.
    • Both.
  3. What did she pick up?
    • A towel.
    • Gel.
    • A bar of white soap.
Are these sentences true (T), false (F) or Doesn't say (DS)?
  1. She washed her hand under the warm water.
  2. She likes washing her hands.
  3. She rubbed the soap with her hands.
  4. She washed her hands for a minute and half.
  5. She is washing her hands because she is going to eat.
  6. She rinsed her hands with hot water.
  7. She dried them with a towel.

RICHARD. (8th April)

 Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?
  1. Richard is a light eater.
  2. Richard is not fat.
  3. He eats a heavy breakfast.
  4. He eats cereals for breakfast.
  5. He doesn't like milk.
  6. He eats soup for lunch.
  7. He likes fish.
  8. He eats a light dinner.
  9. He eats rice and vegetables for dinner.
  10. He sometimes eats fish for dinner.

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