Monday, 15 April 2013


1.- Listen to the story and complete the text with the words below.

after / bears (2) / hat / joke / letters / off (2) / out / paper (3) / people / piece (2) / saw / shooting / went (3) / were (2) / word / wrote / young

     Old Mr. Black loved (1)_____  (2)_____, but his eyes (3)_____ not good any more. Several times he nearly shot (4)_____ instead of (5)_____, so his friends (6)_____ always very careful when they (7)_____  (8)_____ shooting with him.

     One day a young friend of his wanted to have a (9)_____, so he got a big (10)_____ of white (11)_____ and (12)_____ on it in very big (13)_____ "I AM NOT A BEAR". Then he tied it to his back and (14)_____  (15)_____. His friends (16)_____ it and laughed a lot.
     But it did not save him. (17)_____ a few minutes Mr. Black shot at him and knocked his (18)_____  (19)_____.
     The (20)_____ man was frightened and angry. "Didn't you see this (21)_____ of (22)_____?" he shouted to Mr Black. "Yes, I did," said Mr Black. Then he (23)_____ nearer, looked carefully at the (24)_____ and said, "Oh, I am very sorry. I did not see the (25)_____ NOT."

2.- How are the highlighted verbs pronounced? Complete the table.


 3.- Answer these questions.
  • What did Mr Black love?
  • What happened several times?
  • What did his friends do when they went out shooting with him?
  • What did one of his friends want to do one day?
  • What did he write on the piece of paper?
  • Did the paper save the young man?
  • Why not?
  • Did Mr Black see the piece of paper?
  • Why did he shoot at him then?
 4.- Personal Pronouns.
 5.- Translate these sentences.
  • Esta chaqueta no es de él.
  • Él se lo dijo.
  • Ella se regaló esos zapatos.
  • Ese vestido es de ella.
  • ¿Es tuya esa falda?

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