Monday, 29 April 2013


1.- Read the story.

     Jimmy lived in the country, and he loved playing in a very shallow river near his house; but then his father got a job in a big city, and he moved there with his family.
     Their new house had a garden, but the garden was very small. Jimmy wasn't very happy.
     "Is there a river near here?" he asked his mother on the first morning.
His mother answered, "No, there isn't, but there's a beautiful park near here, Jimmy, and there's a pool in it. We'll go there this aftenoon." Then Jimmy was happy.
    After lunch, Jimmy and his mother went to the park. Jimmy wanted to walk near the pool, but there was a sign in front of it. His mother read it to him: "WARNING: This pool is dangerous. 367 people have fallen into it." Jimmy looked into the pool carefully. Then he said; "I can't see them."

2.- Answer these questions.
  • Where did Jimmy play in the country?
  • Why wasn't he happy in the city?
  • What did he ask his mother?
  • What did she answer?
  • What did the sign in front of the pool say?
  • What did Jimmy say when his mother read him the sign?

3.- Write the sentences. Put one set of words in each blank space.

it was / they were / there was / there were
  • _____ a park in Jimmy's city. _____ not far from his house.
  • _____ a pool in the park, but _____ dangerous, so _____ a sign in front of it.
  • _____ a lot of fish in the pool. _____ not very big, but _____ beautiful, so _____ always a lot of people there, looking at them.
  • _____ a very nice place for children.

4.- Clasify the regular verbs in the text.


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