Wednesday, 13 March 2013


     Billy and Bobby were small boys. They were brothers, and they often had fights with each other.
     Last Saturday their mother said to them, "I'm going to cook our lunch now. Go out and play in the garden - and be good."
     "Yes, Mummy," the two boys answered, and they went out.
    They played in the garden for half an hour, and then their mother heard something. She said to herself...
1.- Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?
  • Billy and Bobby got on well.
  • They were alone because their mother was sewing.
  • They were playing for an hour and half.
  • Their mother listened to a noise.
2.- Look for in the story...
  • An affirmative sentence in past tense with a regular verb.
  • An affirmative sentence in past tense with an irregular verb.
  • Two sentences in imperative tense.
  • An affirmative sentence in future tense
3.- How many irregular verbs can you find in the story? Write them in a table. And regular ones? Invent a sentence in past simple tense with each verb.
  • ________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________
4.- "fight" can be a noun and a verb. In the text it's a noun. Look for the verb in the dictionary and write a sentence in past simple tense.
  • ________________________________________________
5.-  What does "They fought with each other" mean?
  • Se llevaban bien el uno con el otro.
  • Se peleaban entre ellos.
  • Jugaban tranquilamente.


5.- Choose the correct answers.
  1. Billy was...
    • younger than Bobby.
    • older than Bobby
  2.  Billy told his mother...
    • Bobby broke a window.
    • Bobby threw a stone.
    • Bobby hit him.
  3. Who was Mrs. Allen?
    • She was a friend.
    • She was the postwoman.
    • She was one of their neighbours.
  4. Did Bobby's mother believe him?
    • Yes, she did.
    • No, she didn't
  5. What really happened?
    • Billy threw a stone at Bobby and this one ducked.
    • Bobby kicked a football.
    • They were fighting and Bobby hit a window in Mrs. Allen's house.
6.- Listen and complete the sentences with the correct verbs in past simple tense.

duck / run / throw  
  • Then Billy  ________ into the kitchen.
  • I ________ a stone at him.
  • He ________.
7.- Some new irregular verbs. Match. (Click on the picture)

8.- You know if we combinate a verb + a particle (preposition or adverb), the result is a new word with a new meaning. These are called "Phrasal verbs". Match the pictures with their ones. (Click on the picture)

9.- Find these verbs in past simple tense. (Click on the picture)